The methods used in health education must be compatible with their aims.

In chapter 26 of his book, "Helping Health Workers to Learn," David Werner presents some of the basic ideas that underpin the practices and skills he deals with in the rest of the book. One of the central ideas he develops is that diseases have many causes -- physical, psychological, social, economic and political as well as biological. He then shows how health workers can help the people who are effected by these many causes discover them for themselves, see how they are connected, and come up with relevant action plans. This chapter is a good introduction to the pedagogical theory and practice behind all of David's work. By clicking this link, you can view a pdf of Helping Health Workers Learn -- Ch. 22, or you can go directly to the HealthWrightgs site , where yo can either view on-line or purchase this book. Many other significant and provocative books and articles are also available at the HealthWrights site.