Who I Am

by Gregor Wolbring

wolbringFaculty Member, Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary, in the Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies program.

First things first: I am all the time looking for exchange of thoughts and collaborations so if my work is of interest to you email me. And any comments on my papers are greatly appreciated.

I have a PhD in biochemistry and I worked in biochemistry from 1992- 2008. On the side I worked for the last 20 years  on ethics and governance of science and technology issues and on issues of importance to disabled people.

In Aug 2008 I switched and do the biochem work now on the side and work mainly on ethics, governance of science and technology and  disabled people issues

August 2008:  Assistant Professor, University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine, Dept of Community Health Sciences, Program in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

I am also a Affiliated Scholar, Center for Nanotechnology and Society at Arizona State University, USA; Part Time Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa Canada; Adjunct Faculty Critical Disability Studies York University, Canada;

My interests are Ability governance, Social, ethical, legal, economic, cultural and governance issues of new, emerging and converging sciences and technologies (S&T) such as nanoscale S&T, molecular manufacturing, aging, longevity and immortality research, cognitive sciences, neuromorphic engineering, genetics, synthetic biology, bodily enhancement S&T, in vitro meat, artificial intelligence and robotics;  Impact of S&T on: marginalized populations especially disabled people, Sports; human security, human right, personhood, concept of  disability impairment, ableism, rehabilitation and models and determinants of health; global health, tele-health, health- (technology assessment, law, care and policies);  medical anthropology; history and foresight studies, bioethics issues, biochemistry, role of different stakeholders and evaluation of existing S&T discourses, professional identity, energy and water ethics

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