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This article is copied from the "Classically Liberal" blog. It is slightly edited. The original can be found here. There was an error on one of the Dept. of Justice graphs about the rather mind-boggling graph that shows that the largest single age of sex-offenders is 14.  In order to avoid any possible confusion I  used a version of the graph in the appendix of the Department of Justice source. I could not find the name of the author on the Classically Liberal site. The language of the writer is strong, but perhaps not inappropriate considering the justified anger he feels about the situation he describes.

I am hopeful that "progressives" are beginning to see that this is an issue that we must stop evading. It would seem to me that most thinking people would understand that the treatment of children and young adolescents that is described here is without justification. But we must go beyond that and explore the nature of the moral panic that underlies this bizarre phenomenon.

From the Classically Liberal blog

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There is a fury and and sadness inside that I cannot express.

This is not the blog entry I intended to write. Something very disturbing happened to me that has forced me to change my topic completely. It is not a new topic, but it is one that hit me with a new sense of urgency. I saw an image earlier today, while reading an article that someone suggested to me. That image broke me down emotionally.

I looked at it for a second and turned away, not because it was horrific or grotesque, but because another few seconds of viewing it and I would have been sitting in my office in tears. Even now I fear adding the image to my blog because of the impact it had on me—it is so disturbing to me that I literally wish to avoid looking at it again, even if to share it with you. I will force myself to do it. I know that I am compelled to do it because of the great injustice that is being done.

I just wish it were not necessary. I just wish I knew how to speak so people understood this issue. Between the tears all I feel is rage, an uncontrollable rage. I want to grab our “society” by the shoulders, shake it violently, and scream at the top of my voice: “Don’t you fucking understand what you are doing? How can you let this happen? How can you demand that it happen?”

offender_1Here is the photo. I’ve looked at it again. I can’t look at it and type at the same time, it is too upsetting. This boy is one of the many kids that our society says are sex offenders. The interfering politicans, the would-be Nannies and do-gooders, passed ill-conceived laws to protect our young, and instead, they are devouring the young and sacrificing them to the god of safety.

What was once considered a normal rite of passage—typical curiosity that the newly sexualized young have about themselves, their bodies, and the bodies of others—has become a heinous crime. Not long ago a curious adolescent or child, caught exploring, or playing doctor in the back yard, was given a talking-to, sent to bed early, and warned to not do it again—a warning most heeded for at least another few years, after which time warnings were useless. Today, it has been criminalized, and criminalized in a way far exceeding crimes of violence. A youth who has sex with another youth, even if voluntary, could well face legal sentences far worse than if they had killed their friend.

Consider two young people, confused by their own budding sexuality, curious as to the dynamics of sex, terrified by it, but drawn to it anyway. Nature, or God, if you prefer, built the human body so that that the young are flooded with hormones that inspire lust and a need for release. Perhaps the mind is not ready to grasp what is happening, but the body demands it. At the very least, it is NOT very intelligent design. But it is what it is. Wishing won’t make it different.

These two young people seek some seclusion. “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” Nervous hands unzip zippers. Tentative touching, complete silence as they forget to even breathe. A door suddenly opens. They try to cover up. They don’t understand why they did it or what it means. That is part of what they were trying to figure out. Something from deep within compelled them to seek something they didn’t understand. Perhaps they are too young to fully understand.

These days we let the special interest groups and politicians terrorize us about the “threat to our children.” We have passed hundreds of ill-conceived pieces of legislation “to protect our children.” Now we are sacrificing our children on the very political altars that we helped build.

Just as Abraham was willing to tie up his beloved son, Isaac, and stab a knife into the boy’s chest as a sacrifice to his God, the American public has made their children a sacrifice to the god of big government. We have allowed the politicians, no—we didn’t allow it, we demanded that the politicians abuse and torture thousands of children per year because we were afraid of monsters that we imagined, far worse than those that really lurked in our neighborhoods. To solve a bad, but thankfully small problem, we decided to take a sledgehammer to it.

One can always kill flies with sledgehammers. It’s very effective. It will kill the fly. But in the process the damage that is done is far worse than the problem that it solves. To protect our kids we take sledgehammers to them and smash their lives.

Consider what happens today to the sexually inquisitive young. The intruding adult feels compelled to take this private matter and make it a case of the criminal law. The sledgehammer is called in. No matter that no violence or threats were used. No matter that both “victims” were very willing partners in crime.

offender_3In our new bizarre world of sexual offender legislation each child is a victim and a perpetrator. As the victim, they get no help, of course. The victim status is the excuse needed so that the sledgehammer may be used on the other child. But each also becomes a perpetrator. They will be arrested; they will be forced into court. They are likely to be convicted and sentenced. They may be placed into the various prisons for children that have been established—places where they will learn what unwilling, sexual attacks are really like. They will be tortured by therapists and eventually released—maybe. Even that is no longer guaranteed under our sex panic. Today, someone who has served their sentence can then be held in preventative detention for the rest of their natural life because the mob demands it. And the politicians give the mob what it wants.

If our children happen to be released then the real torture begins. They are branded by the cruel laws that opportunistic politicians imposed to satisfy fearful voters. First, the child will be photographed. His or her photo will be published for the world to see, much like the poor boy above. The government hit lists, called sex offender registries, will tell any would-be vigilante where to find this child. The address will be given, if the child is lucky enough to be able to live at home, and not institutionalized.

The sex offender laws will kick in and are guaranteed to destroy any ambition your child may have for success. Any attempts to better themselves, or become productive members of your community, will be throttled by these laws. Every road they try to pursue will become a dead end. It may be impossible for them to finish school. Any job they seek will require them to reveal their “sex offender” status to their employer. Any curious neighbor can find out the “crime” that was committed, though not the circumstances. Years down the road, this child, now an adult, will be listed as someone who committed lewd acts on a child. People will imagine an adult raping a child, not two children playing doctor.

Each time the child moves the police will help him feel welcomed by handing out fliers to the neighbors warning them that a “sex offender” is now living nearby. Rocks thrown through windows can be mild compared to some welcomes that are given. One young man in Maine, opened his door to be executed on the spot, by a stranger. His crime was that he, as a teen, had sex with his girlfriend. In puritanical America that is enough to make him a sex offender. For that he was murdered with his mother only a few feet away. In jurisdiction after jurisdiction an “offender” will find that most of the community is zoned off limits to him. He can’t live too close to a school, too close to a park, too close to a bus stop, too close to…., the list is almost endless and growing all the time.

Every so often he will be required to visit the police and report to them. They may show up at his home anytime they want and demand to inspect it. He could be banned from social networking websites, or from the Internet completely.

If your child grows up to have a family, a normal relationship will be forbidden. He may well be banned from all activities at his children’s school. They may be in a play; he won’t be allowed to watch it. If the kids play on a sport’s team, their father won’t be allowed to attend. Ditto for Little League. Forget having friends over for a birthday party. Dad is a pariah until he dies and his children, and his wife, will be forced to endure the torture with him.

The lucky ones barely manage to hold on. Those who are not so lucky simply end their lives. Others have the option of suicide robbed from them by vigilantes. They quickly learn to give up ambitions and dreams. To excel in life is not possible. To merely survive is hard enough. And some, robbed of all normality, robbed of all hope, mentally and emotionally raped by the state, decide they may as well become the monsters that they are imagined to be.

It takes so little for this happen to a child. A girl in school has oral sex with a boy in school. She becomes a sex offender for the rest of her life. Streaking a school event, as a practical joke, becomes a sex crime in the new America. Two kids “moon” a passerby and are incarcerated in jail as sex offenders. A teenager, who takes a sexy of photo of him, or herself, is paraded around the community as a “child pornographer” for the rest of his or her life. Two kids in the back seat of a car have fumbling sex. The law says one is an offender because the other is a “victim.” One week later, a birthday passes, and it is no longer a crime. One week’s difference and a life is ruined. In other cases an act that is legal on Monday is illegal on Tuesday because the older of the two turned one year older. That becomes enough to qualify him, or her, as an offender.

offender_appenThese laws are not so much protecting children from predators as they are turning them into predators. Look at this chart. (Department of Justice source of chart -- See appendix A) This is an age chart for individuals who are legally defined as sex offenders. When you look at the ages of the offenders you see that 14-year-olds are apparently the most sexually dangerous group in America. The rate declines from there, but throughout adolescence the law is far more likely to deem kids as offenders. You may imagine the dirty old man down the street. But with age people are less likely to “offend”. One reason is that they are more mature. But another reason is clear. Once you reach a certain age, having sex with people your own age is not considered a crime. The explosion of “youthful sex offenders” is not the result of our kids becoming perverts. It is the result of the law criminalizing what is a normal part of growing up.

These kids are criminals, not necessarily because they violated the life, liberty or property of another person. They are criminals because the politicians defined them as criminals. These damned “family values” conservatives, and compassionate feminist Leftists, who banded together to “save the children,” turned America’s kids into sex offenders by fiat. And they feel good about it. They are satisfied by it and only wish more had been rounded up earlier. The Left wants everyone in therapy and under the perpetual care of the state, and the Right wants everyone in prison, or in fear of the law, and under the thumb of the police. And that is what is happening.

Don’t think you can even explain to your kids all the ways in which the State can turn them into sex offenders. I doubt that even a qualified attorney can do that. The laws are constantly changing, usually for the worse. The mob brays for ritual sacrifices and your child is the Isaac they want placed on the altar. They will only be happy when they see the knife plunge downward, hear the tortured scream of the child; watch the blood drain from the trembling body. Then they will be satiated, until the next Isaac comes along. Unlike Jehovah, the political mob will not stay the hand that holds the knife. They will, instead, demand bigger knives, sharper knives, and more stabs into the heart, more children on the altar, even more altars. They want someone to suffer. After all, we have to protect the children.

offender_4Damn them all. Damn John Walsh and his perverted justice. Damn the politicians who don’t give a fuck about hurting kids so long as they can win votes. Damn the hysterics in the churches, the media and the special interest groups, who preach fear to terrify the mob into searching for monsters. Damn them all. If they really want to find the monsters they only need look in the mirror. Me, I can barely look into the faces of these victims of the American witch-hunt without breaking down.

Note: These photos are real. They are kids who are marked for life and displayed on the internet, by our government, for every vigilante to hunt down. Look at them. Look at then closely. They could be your kid, your neighbor, your nephew, your little brother, or yourself at a younger age. Why do we let this happen?

UPDATE: A film producer has expressed interest in a documentary based on the accumulated evidence that this blog has produced on these sorts of cases. (This wasn't our first article on the topic just the most read one.) The estimated cost to produce a documentary on this horrendous situation is about $100,000. If you would like to help fund the film, or if you have a story that should be included, please contact the film company at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

First, I want to recommend some books for those interested. You can click on the link and order them online if you want. (We have deleted all links to Laissez Faire Books as they were taken over by conservatives with views that we feel are bigoted in nature. We can no longer recommend them.) First is Harmful to Minors by Judith Levine. The book covers some of the areas discussed in this article and a lot more. Next is Dr. Richard Epstein's book, The Case Against Adolescence which documents how society has turned adolescents into children. He argues persuasively that most adolescents are capable individuals and that treating teens like children is unwarranted and harmful. The third books is Dr. Marty Klein's work, America's War on Sex, which covers the general intrusion into sexuality by Big Brother. Check out for books of interest.

For a response on the impact of this article and for answers to a couple of questions, go here. A list of the numerous articles previously posted on this topic can now be found here. This is not a complete list but fairly complete and documents the claims made on this blog.