Floods in AustraliaSteven B, in an article published in the Booman Tribune concludes his reflections on the floods in Australia with these words:

"The truth is that climate change is occurring and the planet's oceans and atmosphere is warming. We have ruled out temperature increases as a result of solar cycles, natural cycles, CO2 in the oceans, evil scientists, etc.. Fat people aren't causing it. Cow farts aren't causing it. Water vapor (i.e., clouds) isn't causing it. Volcanoes aren't causing it. The "hot air" from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and their fellow travelers isn't causing it.

What's left: increases in greenhouse gases caused by human activity such as carbon emissions from burning coal and oil for energy.<

And that my friends is a bigger news story than any other story with which our planet's news media is obsessed at the moment."

One reader, who calls himself “Boo Man” cautions us:

“Yes, but don't let cows off the hook.  They can't be let to think that their farts have no consequences.”

Perhaps the same should be said of Rush Limbaugh and his pronouncements. Even so, as astonishing as it may seem, global warming produces more hot air than cow farts and Rush Limbaugh combined.

In all seriousness, the article is well worth reading for the information it gives on the probable consequences of global warming. In addition to the link given above, it can also be found on Alternet, here.