The Radical Edge

Articles that seek to go the root of the matter with regard to issues that are sometimes avoided by mainstream and even progressive news outlets.

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# Title Author Hits
1 The Madness That We Inhabit James Hunter 20385
2 The Sparks of Rebellion Chris Hedges 13754
3 Anarchism Shouldn't Be a Dirty Word Howard Zinn 17388
4 On suffering and structural violence: Paul Farmer 30950
5 Is It Wise to Desire What We Most Want? Jay Edson 24211
6 Sexual Fascism in Progressive America: Scapegoats and Shunning Pariah 32720
7 The Politics of Liberation Jay Edson 18473
8 It's Time to Reform Sex Offender Laws Paul Shannon 18350
9 The Fundamental Mistake of Civilized Life Jay Edson 20399
10 Public Power in the Age of Empire Arundhati Roy 36184
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